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We are continuously working on improving our product portfolio and source the best modafinil brands that the current market has to offer. And when mentioning best brands, Aspendos is the highest quality modafinil product avaialble. Produced in Cyprus by Medochemie Limited, this modafinil brand has the highest quality fillers and manufacturing standards. It is recommended for people that want to experience the best that modafinil has to offer.


Aspendos Specifics


Aspendos is a product by Medochemie Limited, based in Cyprus. Providing the finest quality available. The product is produced in accordace to EU GMP practices. The latter factors also dictate the higher price of the product. As aforementioned, this is the highest quality product that this website has to offer. A significant drawback is the high price and the lower dosages. . Buying it is great for new users as the Aspendos pill comes in dosages of 100mg – a dose that we mostly recommend for getting the best effect from this smart drug and also experiencing the least side effects. The duration of the effects of Aspendos is approximately the same as that of Modalert, namely 10 to 12 hours. The quality controls in the laboratories meet all of the required European standards.

If you are looking for the highest quality Modafinil product, then buy Aspendos 100mg pill as it might be just the one you are looking for.

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