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Can it get any better than getting quality products for a low price? When it comes to generic Modafinil brands, lower prices do not equal lower quality. Modvigil is a low-cost generic Modafinil product, manufactured by the trusted HAB Pharmaceuticals. Its effects are considered to come closest to the American brand Provigil. Modvigil provides the more subtle concentration enhancing effects of Modafinil. Optimal for a steady, yet inexhaustible ride of focus.


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Modvigil Specifics


Modvigil is produced by the reputable pharmaceuticals manufacturer – HAB Pharma, based in India. Having effects similar to Modalert, Modvigil is an extremely high quality generic form Modafinil, with a long and approved reputation in the market. Modvigil 100mg is perfect for you to buy online if you are new to smart drugs and nootropics. It also provides everything you are looking for if you prefer more subtle enhancing effects. Nevertheless, its potency should not be underestimated. And it provides the user with effects for approximately 8 hours after ingestion of Modvigil 200mg. Therefore, it leaves little to no chance for disturbance of the sleeping pattern if taken at an appropriate time in the day.

Comparing Modvigil with Modalert is a very inaccurate task since it is impossible to account for everyone’s individual differences. Some people like Modalert’s effects more. Many others who prefer buying Modvigil online claim it to be the closest generic form to the first brand of Modafinil in the US – Provigil. Having a lower intensity than Modalert as well as shorter half-life, there is little to no chance of disturbing your sleeping pattern. This is advantageous, especially for inexperienced users. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the potency of this product.

For beginners, the recommended dosage is between 50mg and 100mg. For people with ADHD, narcolepsy, or sleep apnea  Modvigil 100mg to 200mg is recommended. We strongly advise against breaking the 300mg dosage. Do not forget that studies show that this product does not have better effects at too high doses.  But rather it has more side effects.

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25 reviews for MODVIGIL

  1. jelle v. (verified owner)

    Did not trust it completely, ordered anyway and after three days I received the order neatly in the letterbox, also very satisfied with the product

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Goed product aan een lage prijs, snelle levering en bij vragen een zeer vlotte communicatie via e-mail! Verdient een dikke plus!

  3. Rafael (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helps even better than the original Modalert. It’s a bit stronger I feel. This allows you to spend a little longer on tasks. So you can just as well take this slightly lesser known pill for a cheaper price.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, since it was (partly) out of stock, I even got a little extra.

  6. Samantha (verified owner)

    Super service! The contact is also great. Fast response and very helpful! Definitely recommended to order here!

  7. Anoniem (verified owner)

    Snelle verwerking van bestelling en tevreden van het product.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)


  9. jelle v.

    Didn’t quite trust it, ordered anyway and after three days I got the order neatly in the mailbox, also very satisfied of the product

  10. Anonymous

    Helps even better than the original Modalert. It’s a bit stronger I feel. This allows you to spend a little longer on tasks. So you can just as well take this slightly lesser known pill for a cheaper price.

  11. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, since it was (partly) out of stock, it even got a little extra.

  12. Anonymous

    Good product at a low price, fast delivery and if you ask for a very smooth communication via e-mail! Deserves a big plus!

  13. Anonymous

    Super service! The contact is also going great. Quick response and very helpful! Definitely recommended to order here!

  14. Anonymous

    Good quality and good service, that’s all it should be.

  15. Anonymous

    Remarkably fast service, convenient that I no longer have to work through foreign suppliers. products were correct quality, and expiration date of the products is still a long way off. orders may follow in the future. thanks modafinil shop

  16. Anoniem

    Fast and effeciente service.

  17. Anonymous

    Fast delivery I’ve already taken the drug three times it gives me back the creative mind I need

  18. Anonymous

    Good and quick service neatly packed. Find this product best with me. Works well, be alert.

  19. Anonymous

    This is a just a Top product; I take 2 tablets in the morning, and am full of energy throughout the day; gives me a sharp focus on top of this, just fantastic! The shipment is exactly how it is mentioned, no doubt, and the customer service is there to tell you against it. Thank you!! I’ll order again later…

  20. Anonymous

    Not getting out of bed in the morning? Take these and within the hour you’ll be clear I’ll clear your head. Lasts a long time. Recommended!

  21. Anonymous

    very fast and good communication

  22. Anonymous

    After not receiving my order I contacted the customer service. They replied promptly and even though it was the delivery company’s fault they sent my order again, which I received two days later. 5 stars for them, will order again

  23. Anoniem

    Have already placed several orders, the product gets a 10+ from me. Also be sure to mention as always: super fast handling; got a message from the shop that I would get the shipment and 1 day later was in the postbox (+extra!!). What a service!! Great!!!

  24. Anonymous

    very quickly

  25. Martin Kocman (verified owner)

    amazing product, I literally did more with modafinil in the weekend than in a whole month

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