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  • Effects of Modafinil and Armodafinil

    → Decreased fatigue
    → Increased wakefulness
    → Improved focus
    → Enhanced motivation
    → Improved attention span
    → Drastic Increase in mental stamina
    → Enhanced working memory
    → Faster reflexes
    → Improved mood
    → Increased task enjoyment
    → Alleviated cognitive impairments due to sleep-deprivation
    → Reduced jet-lags
  • Certified suppliers For Modafinil Store

    The best generic forms of Modafinil and Armodafinil that are sold on this modafinil store online website are approved by the FDA and EMA. All products are developed by reputable and certified manufacturers. The efficacy and safety of Modafinil and Armodafinil have been repeatedly confirmed by countless scientific and clinical studies.

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I’m using these about 3 weeks now and i have to say, it works. I only take 1 (2 times a half) or max 2 per day. My head stays clear and focused, even when i’m tired. I work 12 - 14hr days and drive a lot so…. Helpful.

Verified purchase

Have already placed several orders, the product gets a 10+ from me. Also be sure to mention as always: super fast handling; got a message from the shop that I would get the shipment and 1 day later was in the postbox (+extra!!). What a service!! Great!!!

Verified purchase

After not receiving my order I contacted the customer service. They replied promptly and even though it was the delivery company’s fault they sent my order again, which I received two days later. 5 stars for them, will order again

Verified purchase

This really works for me. Thanks to modafinilshop I passed exams that seemed impossible to me before. Also very fast delivery, very discreet, friendly service. Also very nice that you can just pay with bank transfer.

MODAFINIL-SHOP Piracetam Chemical Structure | Modafinil Shop | Modafinil Tablet | Modafinil And Armodafinil | Best Modafinil OnlineModafinil Store | What is Modafinil?

Modafinil and Armodafinil tablets are considered by many as this century’s wonder drugs for productivity improvement. Both substances increase wakefulness, cognitive performance, attention and motivation. Discovered in the 1970s in France, Modafinil tablet was first prescribed for the treatment of excessive sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy. Not long after, Modafinil tablet gained popularity as 'smart drug' or 'nootropic'. The compound has been used as a smart drug for decades without any documented health complications resulting from its usage.

Nowadays more than ever, healthy individuals buy the best Modafinil online to enhance focus and increase their working capacity. Modafinil's counterpart, named Armodafinil, was first isolated in 2007. Both compounds produce similar effects, but Armodafinil is considered to be more potent than Modafinil. Therefore, it rapidly gained the same popularity as Modafinil in the upcoming sector of smart drugs and nootropics. Modafinil is considered as the most efficient productivity enhancing drug and this is not incidental or a result of narrative declaration and gossip.
There are considerable research papers based confirming Modafinil’s effectiveness across a wide range of cognitive characteristics.

  • Some of the great benefits of Modafinil have made this drug a ‘Nootropic’ and ‘Smart Drug’.
  • Beats your Fatigue
    Modafinil reduces fatigue and boosts energy to work for extended hours. It helps its consumers to feel refreshed and recharged.
  • Enhances Memory
    Another well-researched benefit of Modafinil is that it improves an individual’s memory. This novel waking drug poses a strong impact on episodic and working memory tasks by boosting their performance.
  • Improves Concentration
    For people who are tired of their daytime sleepiness, Modafinil can greatly benefit them as it increases the concentration of norepinephrine to boost focus and alertness so that you can keep functioning at your best.
  • Enhance Cognitive Performance
    Even in non-sleep deprived persons, Modafinil can do wonders. It improves various cognitive functions in people suffering from brain damage. Besides, this smart drug can help improve cognitive impairments. Researches have shown that Modafinil greatly improves visual pattern recognition, spatial planning, decision making, strategic planning, etc.
  • Longer-Lasting Energy
    In Sleep-deprived army employees, Modafinil consistently enriches the ability to perform cognitive tasks in a reasonable level over periods of time crossing more than 40 hours of sustained wakefulness.

Modafinil Shop | Modafinil Tablet | Modafinil And Armodafinil | Best Modafinil OnlineBest Modafinil Store Online | How does Modafinil work?

Regrettably, decades of study have never been able to reach a definitive response. From the body of medical literature, scientists have managed to discover "puzzle pieces" about how Modafinil tablet functions without having the ability to gather the whole puzzle.
One of Modafinil's most well-known effects involves inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine, which consequently increases extracellular levels of dopamine within the brain. Modafinil however, does not directly boost dopamine production, but instead "enables" the dopamine available to be used at any given moment.
Additional Neurotransmitters are also thought to participate in Modafinil's mechanism of action, such as increased histamine production and also decreased GABA generation - many studies on modafinil's wake-promoting mechanism were concentrated on monoaminergic effects demonstrating modafinil stimulates histamine (HA), norepinephrine (NE), serotonin (5-HT), dopamine (DA), and orexin systems from the brain. But scientists have yet to be able to isolate one site of activity or locate receptor binding.
Modafinil tablet Raises the activity of CYP3A4 enzymes inside the liver, therefore decreasing plasma levels of drugs metabolized by the exact same enzyme.

Additional important features of Modafinil enclosed below [24]:

  • Elimination half-life of 12-15 hours
  • Reaches peak concentrations in the blood after around 2 hours following ingestion
  • 90 percent of Modafinil tablet is Metabolized in the liver to modafinil acid and modafinil sulfone, the two of which can be inactive metabolites
  • The body eliminates Modafinil mainly through urine
  • Half-life and peak plasma Levels of Modafinil are higher in patients with kidney or liver impairments

There are many neurotransmitters on which Modafinil works. These are as follows:

  1. Orexin: neurons that respond to orexin are found in the hypothalamus. It helps in the sleep-wake cycle. There are increased amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine in the hypothalamus with the activation of these neurons, and there is a rise in histamine levels. There are many studies that show that a defect in orexin systems contributes to narcolepsy disease.
  2. Dopamine: another mechanism on which Modafinil functions is the increase in the total amount of dopamine. It functions together with the blockage of this dopamine transporters that exist in the mind since these will be the molecules which act to remove dopamine from the synaptonemal complex. Thus, modafinil increases the amount of dopamine and also its accessibility because of its actions to work upon. Modafinil works similar to caffeine as it makes the mind exceptionally focused and increases the levels of Dopamine D2 receptors.
  3. Histamine: this is a chemical which works like a neurotransmitter. It has an important part in the regulation of sleep-wake cycle. Neurons of Histamine are observed in the hypothalamus in the brain. Besides this, these are also present in tuberomammillary nuclei which are also a part of the hypothalamus. It elevates the amount of histamine.
  4. Norepinephrine Similar to adrenaline, Norepinephrine boosts vigilance and also alertness. Another effect of Norepinephrine is that it accelerates the heartbeat.
  5. Serotonin: the neurotransmitter serves a vital role in the regulation of mood and general well-being. Studies reveal that Modafinil is efficient in enhancing the brain’s serotonin production and also regulation.
  6. Suppression of Gamma-aminobutyric acid that leads to rise in histamine. GABA promotes sleep and induces relaxation. Therefore, it also accounts for the vigilance effects of Modafinil.
  7. Glutamate is a key excitatory neurotransmitter. An excitatory transmitter enhances the production of an electrical signal in receiving neurons. In other words, it's involved in cognitive function (attention and memory) of the brain. Getting the best Modafinil online leads to increased glutamate levels.
Modafinil Shop | Modafinil Tablet | Modafinil And Armodafinil | Best Modafinil Online

Best Modafinil Store Online | Who uses Modafinil? 

Modafinil is used by the armed forces of many countries including United States Air Force pilots. Also astronauts aboard the International Space Station use Modafinil tablet during prolonged missions to mitigate fatigue caused by the disruption of circadian rhythms. This interest in Modafinil by authorities is noteworthy, and also has led to the popularisation of Modafinil among healthy individuals. In everyday life, Modafinil is used by people in competitive and high-pressure work environments needing additional force for achieving their goals. Modafinil is primarily popular among academics and professionals, e.g. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

It is used for studying by many students who buy high-quality modafinil online to boost their learning capabilities. Ultimately, even artists and also musicians are jumping in to get the best modafinil online from shops. This is because Modafinil and Armodafinil do not kill creativity, unlike amphetamines. And contrary to caffeine, these substances do not lead to energy crashes when the effects wear off.

Safety | Best Modafinil Store Online 

Modafinil and Armodafinil are so widely adopted because they are one of the first safe smart drugs available. The substances are non-toxic and also cause no negative consequences. This makes them the ideal smart drugs. Their potency is comparable to other concentration enhancing substances such as Adderall, Ritalin or Dexedrine. Although, the smart drugs cause much less harm to body and brain. For this reason, they cause minimal side effects. In addition, Modafinil and Armodafinil have a negligible potential for addiction and also abuse compared to other concentration-enhancing drugs.

The safety and also insignificant toxicity of Modafinil to the human body have been declared by numerous scientific and clinical studies. The toxicology of the substances has been investigated thoroughly at both low and high doses. Even extremely high doses do not lead to major health complications. Whereas high doses are not recommended, the findings  serve as validation for the safety of the substances.

Safe | Modafinil Shop | Modafinil Tablet | Modafinil And Armodafinil | Best Modafinil Online

Modafinil in the media

Check out what some of the most reputable news outlets have to say about Modafinil

“…modafinil brought improvements in complex planning and problem-solving tasks, namely the executive functions in the front part of the brain.”

-BBC News

“Prepare for drugs that will improve memory, concentration and learning”

-The Economist

“It’s time for a revolution”


“Rigorous analysis shows the drug modafinil significantly enhances cognition”

-Scientific American

“Narcolepsy medication modafinil is world’s first safe ‘smart drug’”

-The Guardian

…’modafinil may well deserve the title of the first well-validated pharmaceutical nootropic agent’.’s the first real example of a ‘smart drug’

-University of Oxford

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