Nootropil Piracetam

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This is the original and first brand of Piracetam – Nootropil. It has been manufactured and put to market by UCB Pharma dating from 1971. Originally, it has been marketed by the manufacturer to be the first nootropic substance to enhance cognition without resulting in over stimulation or sedative effect.
Piracetam is an “original” one-of-a-kind drug designed by Corneliu Giurgea, whose initial research objective was to create a substance with the properties to induce sleep. However he discovered drug “Compound 6215” (a.k.a. Piracetam) during his research. Instead, the compound worked in an opposite way intended, with an intriguing attribute – causing improvements in memory and cognition in healthy adults . He acknowledged the characteristic of the compound, and immediately made-up the term “Nootropic”, a combination of Greek words that mean “mind” and “bending”, “mind-bending”. The beginning itself is expressed in this products – the original and first Piracetam brand.

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